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Contact : Katsios Sofokles
Phone : +30 24260 22910, 23550
Fax : 30 24260 23390
Address : Horefto
Zipcode : 370 01
City : Horefto
Country : Greece

Check out time : 11:00
Check in time : 13:00
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Number of reviews : 1
User: teddy690
Date: 2008-08-25 16:22:38
Rating:  1 stars
Title: Does it worth it?
Good things first: First impression is impressive. Nice environment near the beach, a small swimming pool, a bar, lots of trees and greenery surrounding the buildings. It is clean, the staff is very pleasant and service is good. Just like the site photos, it gives you the predisposition of a impressive luxurious place worth staying and paying a lot. The bad things: The rooms or so called "apartments" by the owner, have two main areas. The lounge area with 2 Small single beds, a TV set which frustrating enough most of the times does not show any TV program, a small kitchen equipped with the basics and a small bathroom which for sure needs a lot of renovations. Speaking of the bathroom, pay attention when taking a shower cause the hot & cold water alternate so many times you cannot believe it. The Bedroom area is just ok with a double bed but the bed matrice is awful causing heavy backaches every morning. Concerning the bedroom, you must have in serious consideration that if the apartment is of the ones located at the first floor there is absolutely no sound privacy at all from the lounge area of the room. This is because the main wall separating the bedroom from the rest of the "apartment" does not reach the wooden sealing, leaving an about 1m gap from the top. Another problem was that the "apartments" do not have any windows protection at all, that could prevent insects to pass into the rooms. Consequently, we had major mosquito problems and various insects invasion walking around the walls every night not to mention several huge wasps entering the room all day long creating a wasp nest at the bathroom sealing. We complained to the manager-owner about all the above mentioned issues and warn her we had decided to leave the place a week earlier. She told us that because of the early warning she will not charge us the remaining days. Sadly on the departure day, she has proven to be a pathological liar claiming among others that she had never told us about not charging the rest of the days and that she had warn us for most of the issues prior over the phone. When we argued that we will report her to the tourist police she said in exact words: "Can you prove anything?"...she was right! In real world terms is just a 2 star hotel with a very rude owner. The hilarious high price of 150Eur/day they charge does not correspond in any way with what it offers. With this price level you can easily find a 4-5 star hotel, all inclusive. Just an advice: S T A Y A W A Y

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