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Author : Anthi kontosorou Date : 24 / 6 / 2005

A wonderful island

Welcome to the beautiful town of Skiathos
Welcome to the beautiful town of Skiathos
If nature was a painter, it would be the most complete artist. And if Greece was its most exceptional work, the Aegean islands would be the drops dribbling from the pallet on the canvas the time she admired its best work.
When green colour met with light blue, emerald touches were created, which later became green islands surrounded by the blue Aegean waters.
Those islands are North Sporades possessed of unique beauties that enchant every lover of nature.

Skiathos, the first island we see east of Pelion, is the most cosmopolitan of all. Thanks to its unique beauties and fine tourist infrastructures, it has now become a famous summer resort.
It is the Garden of Eden everyone is seeking. It combines dense vegetation with endless shores, coves and small ports washed by the crystal waters of Aegean sea. But apart from the natural monuments like Koukounaries and Lalaria, Skiathos has important historical sites to see. Worth visited are the Kastro, Bourtzi and the monasteries that keep the island’s history untouched through centuries.

This magnificent island is relatively small, about 48 sq. km., but it is the most developed in infrastructures. It is the only one in Sporades with an airport, while there is frequent coastal navigation to the port of St. Constantine and the neighboring islands (Skopelos, Alonnisos). During summer period it bustles with tourists, while the options for activities satisfy all tastes.

Walking around to the town

Here, strikes the heart of the island
Here, strikes the heart of the island
The introduction to Skiathos begins from Chora, the capital, built amphitheatrically in the northeast part of the harbor. The capital keeps the same name and location from ancient times.
Here is the center of the whole island, as Skiathos has no villages! Strangely as it seems, Chora is the only settlement of the island.
The so called coastal settlements were created just the past years after the financial eruption of tourism. People started to built modern hotel complexes, rooms to let, shops, restaurants and cafes, close to the most beautiful beaches of the island making them famous.
Life in the town of Skiathos is as intense as in every other tourist resort.
The town, which was built around 1830 on the remains of the Old Town, follows the traditional insular architecture, with apparent influence from the architectural style of Pelion.
Small whitewashed houses with tiles, balconies and small yards with flowers create the traditional neighborhoods of Skiathos.
Walking around the cobblestone pavements, you will discover unique beauties. Traditional pictures, graphic, romantic, idyllic. Pieced together, they make this unique feature of Skiathos island.

Bourtzi:the green peninsula that dominates in the entry of harbour
Bourtzi:the green peninsula that dominates in the entry of harbour
At the port entrance the small Peninsula of Bourtzi, separates the port of Skiathos in two. The new – trade center and the old one where fish boats which make the island tour, anchor. Around these ports are built amphitheatrically the neighborhoods of the town.
During summer period all streets flood with people. Most shops are located in the most central street of the town, Papadiamanti Str. Here you will find all sort of shops, where you can buy souvenirs to remind you of this beautiful island.
Around the old port you will find most of the taverns, where you can enjoy traditional recipes, fresh fish and local meat. While most clubs and bars with live music are at the coastal road, from the side of the new port. Here, you will come across to the most visitors, Greeks and foreigners who entertain to the first morning hours…

In front of the church of Saint Nikolaos is found the eminent clock
In front of the church of Saint Nikolaos is found the eminent clock
A walk around Chora will reveal you the historic churches of Skiathos. Very interesting is the church of the Three Hierarches. Here is kept the thaumaturge icon of Madonna the Iconistra or Kounistra. At the Epano Neighborhood of the capital, is the church of Madonna the Limnia, built in 1838 and dedicated to the Birth of Theotokos. Here is kept the head of the author Alexandros Papadiamandis.
The church of Saint Nikolas with the famous clock is built at one of the three tops of the hill, where the whole city is built.

Where you'll go - What you'll see

Enjoy the view front the Bourtzi
Enjoy the view front the Bourtzi
Take a romantic walk around Bourtzi. The small green peninsula that separates the port of Skiathos into two. At the entrance of Bourtzi is the bust of Al. Papadiamandis. Skiathos was the muse of this great gazetteer. Most of his scripts are full of icons from this island.
Right on this green peninsula you will see the remains of the venetian castle, the Kastelo of St. George, built by the Gyzi brothers in 1207 when they took over the island. You will also have the chance to see the old primary school, a donation of Andreas Sygrou, which now operates as the Cultural Center of the Municipality.
In Bourtzi you will also find a café where you can drink your coffee enjoying the magnificent view.

Papadiamantis house
Papadiamantis house
You will visit the house of Al. Papadiamandis that now operates as a museum. The house where this great author was born, lived and died is now kept in a very good condition. The interior still remains the same and has many of his furniture and personal items. You will have the chance to see his bed, his inkpot, manuscripts and many photos and unpublished scripts of the author.
Worth mentioning is that Alexandros Moraitis, another important man of letters and a cousin of Papadiamandis, was also from Skiathos.

Kastro (Castle): the medieval capital
Kastro (Castle): the medieval capital
Take a walk at the derelicted Castle-town. The Castle is situated at the northern part of the island and was the island’s capital until 1830. It was then that people decided to rebuilt the old town. The Castle is literally hanging over the sea as it is built on a gigantic rock. Its natural entrenchment protected people during pirate invasions.
Back then there was a wooden bridge which joined it in with the main land. But nowadays it is replaced by a stone staircase that leads to the castle entrance.
The Castle had about 300 houses and 30 churches inside. Unfortunately now are saved only three churches. The church of Christ, of Saint Nicholas and of Saint Marina.
A racy account of the life in the Castle and the battles with the Turkish are described in many of Papadiamandis tales.

The beach of Skiathos

Vromolimnos: a popular beach
Vromolimnos: a popular beach
Skiathos, the island with the unique natural beauties has more than 60 beaches!
At the southeast part of the island you will find the most famous and organized beaches of the island. Beach bar, sun beds, umbrellas, water sport facilities and games make your swim a real pleasure. The options for other “activities” whip up the enthusiasm.
The first beach we meet is Megali Ammos, which, as it reveals its name, is an extended beach that attracts thousands of visitors.
Vasilias beach and Ahladies are next in row. Here, you can enjoy all water sports. Especially Ahladies is considered ideal for windsurfing due to the winds that blow in the area.
Very close are the beaches Kanapitsa, Kalamaki, Vromolimnos, Agia Paraskevi and Troulos. They are all very busy traveled and organized. They have green fields, golden shores and crystal clear waters.

Koukounaries: the most famous beach of Skiathos
Koukounaries: the most famous beach of Skiathos
And the best are yet to come! As you reach Koukounaries, the best spot in the whole Skiathos you will be dazzled! The words can’t possibly describe the beauty you see before your eyes. A dense pine forest surrounds the beach creating an exotic scenery. Behind this forest with the tall pine trees is the lake of Strofilia. It is a very important biotope, a true ornament for the region. The area around the pool is a refuge for rare species of birds.
This is one of the most famous beaches in our country and undoubtedly the most pictured landscape in Skiathos. Koukounaries are protected by the Municipality of Skiathos and the European Union. They are a model of an organized beach and have been awarded as one of the most beautiful natural beaches in the world!

The wonderful beach of Aselinos
The wonderful beach of Aselinos
At the east part of Koukounaries is Banana beach famous amongst nudists, as and the marvelous beach of Agia Eleni.
At the north side you will see the exotic Mandraki, or the port of Xerxis, as according to the tradition, this was his threshold for Artemisio. This beach has really tall sandy hills. Next in row is the relatively quiet beach of Elia.
Other beaches of the north side worth to be visited are Mikros and Megalos Aselinos, Kehria, Limenaria and the beaches Megalos Gialos and Xanemos, north of the town. They are pretty quiet, with untouched natural beauties.

The little island Tsougria
The little island Tsougria
Don’t miss making the island tour with a caique where you will have the chance to see hidden small coves, swim in the small island of Tsougria with the great beach and of course see the famous Lalaria. The most famous natural site in Skiathos. The photos of gigantic white rocks coming out of the sea and the beach with the white round pebbles have made the world tour. Really impressive is the Tripia Petra (leaky rock). It is a huge rock creating a natural bridge above the crystal clear waters.
Just before you arrive to Lalaria you will also see Galazia and Skotini Spilia. Unique natural sculptures that only nature can create.


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