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Author : Anthi kontosorou Date : 16 / 2 / 2005

Vacations in a cosmopolitan island of Aegean Sea…

The charmy Parikia
The charmy Parikia
In the centre of the Cyclades lies a beautiful island. Paros is one of the Aegean Sea islands that distinguishes for the unique natural beauties and the traditional architecture of its settlements.

Paros, is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It has innumerable natural beauties, while impresses her visitors with the picturesque ness of her settlements and their intense traditional colour. By the reason of her geographic place, Paros - in each historical period – plays the lead in the events that determined the course of Cyclades. Existed administrative and commercial centre of Aegean and constituted the apple Discord for many conquerors (Roman, Byzantines, Venetian and Turks).
It knew periods of big glory, as it appears also from the ruins of the archaeological sites and from the important historical monuments that exist in the island.
Nowadays, the habitants of Paros exploiting the gifts of nature and their big cultural heritage and they have changed their island to a cosmopolitan resort that offers dreamly holidays. In the island there are luxurious hotels and rented apartments that are addressed in the requirements of stay of each traveller.
Paros is has very good tourism infrastructure works. You will remember for ever your vacation to Paros.

Parikia: the capital of Paros

The paved narrow pathways of Paros.
The paved narrow pathways of Paros.
Parikia is the capital of the island and is found in the centre of western Coast of Paros. The charm city maintains her traditional identity while it provides in the visitors all the comforts of modern state.
Walking around the city, you will be impressed from the traditional architecture from Cyclades. White houses with blue painting windows and a lot of churches reveal the frugal beauty of Parikia. Near to the settlement are found and some of the important monuments of Paros.

The road to the Castle
The road to the Castle
So among the others, distinguish the Venetian Castle of 13th century that is found in the centre of the traditional settlement. The houses of the castle are built other above in the street and other incorporated in the walls of the castle. Like a live painting travels the visitors in the romantic times.

Panagia Ekatontapyliani
Panagia Ekatontapyliani
The more important Byzantine monument of island is the church of Virgin Mary of Ekatontapylianis that attracts each year thousands pilgrims. The church built by the same Saint Helen and in the interior is found the only ancient and better saved baptistery that we meet in the orthodox east.
In Parikia – as in all island – you will meet a lot of churches small and bigger, that present architectural and religious interest.
Also, it deserves to visit the archaeological and Byzantine museum.
However except from the walks and the swimming to the wonderful sandy beaches of Parikia, the capital is famous and for her night life. The choices of amusement satisfy all the preferences.

What you will see at your tour

The picturesque port of Naoussa
The picturesque port of Naoussa
The big tourist movement has not changed the traditional identity of the island. So the visitor that – with his car or with the buses – will explore the popular regions of Paros will be astonished pleasantly from the beauties of the island.
In Naoussa, the picturesque town the impressions it gains her little harbour. It is one from the most beautiful natural harbour of all the Aegean Sea islands.
There you will see authentic marine pictures. The fishermen that prepare their nets and the Venetian Castle in his entry, create a atmosphere separate.
A walk in the traditional settlement you will help you continue the travel in the ways of dream. You will visit the Folklore museum and will swim in the cosmopolitan beaches of region.
Near in Naoussa is found and the most famous beach of Paros. Kolybithres beach present a infrequent natural phenomenon. They resemble with natural sculpture and for this reason constitute tourist trap.

Kolibithes beach
Kolibithes beach
In all the villages of island you will enjoy romantic walks and will feel the charm of the traditional of Cyclades. The most popular tourist resorts that you should visit are Leukes, Marpissa, Alyki, Ambelas, Drios, Piso Livadi and Pounta. The beautiful sandy beaches of the island will be unforgettable to you. Even you select the cosmopolitan and organised beaches or the quiet and deserted cove that – some of these - you will approach with the boats, you will be glad the swimming, the sunbathing and the view of the wonderful sandy beaches. If you like the sea sports, in the organised beaches of the island you will have the opportunity to exercise or to be teach about these with the help of experienced personnel of faculties that function. In the beach of Golden Coast is carried out the World Championship of Windsurfing, which is realised in the beginnings of August. The winds that blow in the region render the particular beach ideal for wind surf. Also, suitable for all the sea sports are the beach of Pounta, New Golden Coast, Santa Maria and Parikia.


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