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Author : Anthi kontosorou Date : 15 / 2 / 2005

Escape to the island of Feakes

Panoramic view of Corfu town
Panoramic view of Corfu town
Do you want to travel far away from the routine of everyday? Do you want to discover a very beautiful island? Visit Corfu the island with the immense natural beauties, the important historical monuments, the sandy beaches and enjoy your holidays…

Corfu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece and the most famous island of the cluster of the Ionian Sea islands.
Corfu located on the north part of the Ionian Sea. The island has has to represent legends and incidents that stigmatised the history of the island.
Except from her interesting history, the historical and religious monuments that deserve to visit and the Old Town with the Venetian architecture, Corfu has and a modern face too. She offers a variety of activities to the visitors.

Getting to know the town

New Fortress
New Fortress
The heart of the island strikes in her capital, which is separated in the Old and New City.
People who visit the island remember for ever the walks in the historical city with the traditional cantons, the small squares and the Venetian buildings.
It deserves to walk around to the old neighbourhoods and to know the unique beauties of the town. During your walk to the streets of the Old Town, you will meet historical buildings (the Town hall, the Ionian Academy), the two fortresses of the city (Old and New) that their powerful fortifications protected many times the residents, the historical churches (Saint Spyridon, Panagia Antivouniotissa) and the museums (Archaeological, Byzantine, Folklore, Museum of Kapodistria and Museum of Solomos). There the visitors could see many exhibitions from the cultural heritage of place.

The Old Town of Corfu has many commercial shops. So, you’ll make your shopping and after you’ll enjoy your coffee to the Liston area. The characteristic building group that was being built from the 1807 to 1814 by the French Emperors. It used to be the aristocracy’s meeting point. The view to the Spianada square is perfect. It is the biggest square of Greece and at her length you will see some of the important monuments of the town. As it is the statue of Kapodistria, the Maitland peristyle, the monument of the Union of Ionian islands with Greece. Also you’ll see the imposing palace of St. Micheal and St. George that it constituted residence of each English Commissioner and now entertains the museum of Asiatic art and the municipal library of city.
Corfu has created special cooking tradition. You’ll enjoy all the local recipes in the taverns of Corfu and you’ll be impressed by the hospitality of residents. The choices of amusement are satisfying all the visitors. Theatre, cinema, bars, clubs, centres with live music, for genuine Greek rave up. Whatever you want, Corfu will give to you!
The Old Town is the better sight of Corfu. But also it deserves to do a walk and to the new Town. It is a modern city. The central part of the city constitutes the square of Saroko. For around her are found the starting lines of buses which facilitate your movements to the villages and the beaches of the island.
So, enjoy yourself but also visit and the countryside of Corfu. The beautiful green nature and the sandy beaches of the island will be unforgettable.

What you’ll see at your tour

Mon Repos
Mon Repos
Corfu is famous for her dense vegetation. The immense natural beauties of the island, its picturesque bays, the olive groves and the pine forests are creating landscapes of unique charms.
The entire island has interesting location, but also there are some villages and seaside resorts that because of their geographic place and their history have enjoyed bigger projection.
Point of report in the tour of each visitor constitutes Kanoni. It’s a suburb of the capital of Corfu that is famous for its tourist infrastructure and its amazing view. There, you’ll see the Byzantine monastery of Panagia of Vlahernon and the well – known PontiKonisi. They are the most popular sights of Corfu and their photographs have made around the world.
In the region of Anemomylos, is founded the palace of Mon Repos and the relic of Paliopolis (the ancient town of Corfu).

Leaving the city of Corfu and with direction toward the north-eastern coasts you’ ll meet some of the more cosmopolitan resorts of the island. Such as Kontokali, Kommeno, Gouvia, Dasia, Ipsos, Nisaki and Agios Stephanos, that are popular seaside village with beautiful sandy beaches. They allocate very good tourist infrastructures and they attract many of the visitors of the island.
As you continue the exploration of the island, you’ll reach to the northern regions. You’ll admire the picturesque village Acharavi and Kassiopi and the beaches Roda and Sidari, with the unique Canal D' Amour. It is an infrequent natural phenomenon. It is a path between two rocks that the visitor can easily walk to, due to shallow waters. This point is recommended for diving. There are many caves under the canal. Sidari beach has been awarded with the Blue Flag.

In the western side of the island you’ll meet some unique beauties. Such as Ropas’ Meadow a dense vegetation region which is in north-western side of the city. Ermores is a splendid beach. According to the tradition, the waves brought to this beach the castaway Odysseus. Nafsika, King’s Alkinnoos daughter, found him there. After we meet Paleokastritsa, one of the most famous tourist resorts of Corfu. The region characterize of her picturesque cove and the dense vegetation. The pines almost grow up in the sandy beach and create many nuances to the waters of Ionian Sea.
In Paleokastritsa, you’ll visit the monastery of Panagia. It is one of the older Byzantine monuments of island. The view from the monastery is marvellous. In the opposite hill dominate the Aggelokastro Fortress. It is a Byzantine fortress which built on the 13th century.

Peristilio Mousson
Peristilio Mousson
Lefkimmi is endowed with the nobility that characterize the Ionian island. In the way to the southern side of Corfu we meet this beautiful town and some traditional villages with magnificent beaches. While the dense olive groves and the green landscape fill colours and perfumes your excursion.
First station in southern Corfu constitutes the picturesque village Gastouri that distinguishes for its traditional architecture. In Gastouri is founded the famous Achillion, the palace of the empress of Austria Elisabeth (Sissy). She built that palace in 1889, charmed from the beauty of island.
Then you’ll meet Benitses, a seaside resort with international fame. The beach of Benitses area attracts many tourists and its one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan of Corfu.
The coastal way reveals a lot of seaside settlements with traditional architecture and sandy beaches, as Agios Ioannis Peristeron, Moraitika and Mesoggi.
The street leads to Lefkimmi. The town with the traditional architecture, the pine forest and the olive groves that are found around and of course the beach with the crystal waters, will be to you unforgettable.
In the southern side of Corfu is found Kavos. It is a tourist resort with international fame. The beach of Kavos is well organized and is known for its deep water and its golden sand. At length of the beach there are many hotels.
The residents of Corfu called this region British colony because every summer Kavos submerged by English tourists.


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