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Arnitha is a small picturesque village hidden amongst hills, on the left on the way from Gennadi to Apolakkia. It is in keeping with a small Dodecanese village with small white houses and is characterized as a traditional settlement.

A natural spring “Kato Vrisi” is found at the entrance of the village, a refreshing welcome to visitors. At the end of the village, going up the mountain there is the small tabernacle of “Saint Niconos”(13th century). From there a visitor can admire the panoramic view of the sea but also the mountains of Mesanagros and the monastery of the Virgin Mary “Skiadeni”.

In the center of the village, the temple of Saint George is found. Saint George is the patron saint of the village (19th century, Dodecanese type).

An interesting route is also the one to SkiadeniĘs monastery through the mountains to the tabernacle dedicated to Saint Theodoros (20th century) in the region “Katakalos”.

Precisely at the crossroad that lead to Istrios, at the top of a small hill, the tabernacle of Prophet Ilias , built in the 19th century, is found. The view is unique.

Saint Filimonas monastery is a post Byzantine monastery built over the ruins of another older monastery. During the ancient years it was a worshiping temple of Apollo. It is located on a hill opposite the village. The view of Arnitha and the surrounding mountain is magnificent.

Natural Environment - The surrounding area is made up of fruit-bearing trees and agricultural land. It is worth visiting the area of Fountana-Vodi where there are waterfalls and a forest of conifers. There is also a gorge in Kleisoura. There are many country lanes for those who like walking.

Arnitha celebrates the following Festivals:
1. Saint Filimonas on July 21st. The festival takes place the night before
2. Saint Theodore in “Katakalos” area. The festival takes place on Monday after Easter

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