February 23, 2019
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The mountain of Pilio was the summer resort of the 12 Gods of Olympos and legendary country of Centaurs. It is situated imposingly in the upper part of Volos and has wonderful villages. The nearest village to the city of Volos is Portaria in a distance of 14 km. Here the stone and the wood prove the high aesthetics that characterize the inhabitants of Portaria as well as the skillfulness of its technicians. In the central square it is the church of St. Nicholas and the chapel of Portarea. One of the most touristical village of Pilio is Tsagarada, 62 km. east of Volos. In the square of the village there is a huge plane-tree growing by the crystal waters running under the square. There are a lot of churches in the village as St. Paraskevi, St. Stefanos, St. Taxiarchis, Mega Sotira. In the centre of Pilio and in altitude 450 m. from the sea you will meet Neohori with rich vegetation producing the famous stone of Pilio. It is in a distance of 32 km. from Volos. One good reason for a visit to the village is the magnificent view you will have the opportunity to enjoy from its fantastic and immense square. The church that is located in the square of the village is a real byzantine museum, built in the 17th century with huge wood-carved hand made temple and wall paintings of Pagoni. The arched bridge and the ravines are some of the enchanting natural beauties of the island. Anilio is one of the oldest villages of Pilio in a distance of 50 km. from Volos, built in a ravine inbetween the chestnut-trees and flowers. Banikas is the port serving Anilio. Years ago the inhabitants of the village had their storage places there, when the only way of communication was by the sea. Worthwhile it is the church of St. Athanassios and the chapel of Aghia Triada. In Makrinitsa the mansions, works of art of popular architectural characteristics, look like hanging of the steep mountain side and offer a gorgeous view to Volos and the harbour. The small village Hania is famous for its ski-centre located in the place Agriolefkes. Built in a location full of plane-trees and chestnut-trees is the village Kissos with marvellous view to Aegean sea and the wonderful church of St. Marina. Among the other villages of Pilio it is the picturesque Pouri, the historical Milies, Byzitsa with the mansions and Zagora which is the biggest of all. The side of Pilio towards Pagassitikos gulf is of milder nature full of fruit-trees, olive-trees, plane-trees, flowers and abudant waters. A sandy and fertile coastal extent begins from the olive groves and the cypresses of Agria reaching as far as the bays of Afyssos. Afyssos is built among olive groves and fruit-trees while the green vegetation reaches the waves of the sea of its sandy bays. Calm seashores and picturesque fishing places you will meet in Kato Gatzea, Kala Nera, Kalamos, in the seasides of Argalasti and the summer resort Milina. Of touristical interest is also the country town situated by the sea Nea Aghialos.
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