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Author : Kontosorou anthi Date : 1 / 12 / 2008

Climbing at Centaurs' Mount

Pelion, the mythical mount of Centaurs, is connected to many mythological narrations and has unique natural beauties. It is the ideal travel destination for those wanting to be close to nature, to experience ancient legends and explore the earthly paradise of Centaurs…

Contacting nature has always been compelling for the lovers of nature. This challenge is bigger in Pelion, as it is a mount rich in mythological traditions and age-long history.
The famous mount of Magnesia, was known as the summer residence of the Olympian gods and the land of Centaurs. The legends about Centaurs create a mysterious atmosphere about this mountain. These mythical creatures were partly human and partly horse. It is said that the first centaur was born after the coupling of Ixion, king of the Lapiths of Thessaly and Nephele, a cloud made in the image of Hera.
The most famous Centaur was Chiron, the wiser in his race. He used to heal animals with herbs from Pelion mount. Chiron was a teacher of martial arts, haunting and music for gods and mortals. Asclepius, the god of medicine, Achilles, Jason and the Dioskouri Castor and Pollux were some of his students.

Hiking Pelion mountain and its villages can be a unique experience for the lover of travelling. You will come across amazing nature beauty in the mountain of centaurs and at the great beaches of Pelion in the summer.

In the great area of Pelion there are some 70 villages. Great beauty, traditional architecture and history all together. It is common. Once a Pelion visitor, always a Pelion lover...

It is not easy to make choises beteween all sight seeing, we just propose what we found realy important, but even our suggestions can be poor when it comes to this magnificent area and possible we ommit great spots.

First village we come across is Portaria. It has been and still is the merchant center of Pelion. Built according to the traditional achitecture of Pelion it impresses the visitor with its looks and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Next stop is Makrinitsa. The famous Balcony of Pelion, at a distance of about 17 Km from Volos. It keeps untouched the the traditional sense of the area. A walk around the pathways will offer you unforgetable views. At Topali house is hosted the mouseum of popular art of Pelion an it worths a visit for its remarkable collection.


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