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Chora - ioulida
Chora is the island’s capital. It is built in the same position with the ancient city Ioulida. This name is still used by locals when they refer to their capital.
Chora of Kea is built in an aphitheatrical way in the banks of a mountain. Its architecture stays true to the tradition of Cyclades islands, but has something special. The roofs have tiles, so they are different from the traditional settlements of other Cyclades islands.
The narrow cobblestone pavements, the white houses, the churches and the small squares with colourful flowers, remind visitors they’re in Cyclades islands.
Ancient Ioulida, in which position, is built Chora, was one of the four cities that flourished in the island in ancient times. The other three were Karthea, Korissia and Piiessa. Today, are saved the remains of the ancient acropolis’ walls and remains from the temple of Apollo. In the same location was built the venetian castle, from which is saved only the entrance.
Characteristic of the island is the famous archaic statue of Lion of Kea. It is in the northeast part of Ioulida in a beautiful location viewing to the sea and protecting the city. The lion is carved in the rock and it is dated from the 6th century BC. The local tradition says that it is the same lion that frightened Nymphs,who killed women, away from the island.
While staying in Chora, visit the archaeological museum, where you’ll see important findings from excavations in the island.
As you walk around the city, you will see many churches and monasteries showing the deep creed of people. Churches worth to be visited are Panagia Gamila, Panagia Revmatiani, Saint Spyridonas and the Annunciation. Of great interest is the monastery of Saint Marina, just outside Chora (5km southwest of Chora), built close to a hellenistic Castle. Interesting are the deserted monasteries of Saint Anna and of Dafni.
Chora has remarkable tourist infrastructures. All visitors, even the most demanding, leave Kea with the best of impressions. Ioulida has gained cosmopolitan colour and has nothing to jealous from the rest famous islands. Hotels and rooms to let provide you comfortable staying.
At night the capital has magic colours. The music from bars entices visitors in the right spots for jag and entertainment.

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