May 9, 2021
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Epirus occupies the northwest part of Greece. The region is of astonishing natural beauty and history, which goes back in antiquity. Epirus of historical monuments amidst thickly wooded paths: Dodoni with the ancient oracle and the ancient open-air theatre. Epirus of glorious scenery: Picture-like beauty in Parga, Aracthos as well as all the rivers running through the region, with stupendous views of breathtaking landscapes; verdant villages with distinctive architecture. Epirus of tradition: stone bridges of distinctive architecture, warm hospitality, traditional feasting and fairs in Zagoria, delicious pita pies in front of the fireplace in traditional guest houses in Metsovo, grandma's unique regional recipes made with local products. Epirus is an inviting destination throughout the year. Preveza The prefecture of Preveza borders to the north with the prefectures of Thesprotia and Ioannina, to the east with Arta, to the south it is washed by the Ambracico Gulf and to the west by the Ionian Sea. The prefecture has two lakes Ziros and Mavri. Imposing mountains traverse the region of Preveza, reaching the Ionian Sea and stretches of olive groves end up to the waterfront. This part of Epirus has the personality of an island with the coasts in the Ionian Sea offering infinite opportunities for enjoyable excursions. The fertile terrain, rare biotopes and classical archaeological sites harmoniously couple abundant natural beauty with creative human touch. Powerful Venetian castles, old monasteries and Byzantine monuments will impress you. There are many noteworthy places to visit: picture perfect Parga, Prevezqa with the beautiful castle, Nikopolis, historic Zalongo, the river Aherontas. Ioannina The prefecture of Ioannina is the biggest and most populated one in the District of Epirus. It is also among the most mountainous areas in Greece, with high mountains (Pindos range, Grammos, Smolikas). It borders to the north with Albania, to the northeast with the prefecture of Kastoria, to the east with the prefectures of Grevena and Trikala, to the south with the prefectures of Arta and Preveza and to the west with the prefecture of Thesprotia. Epirus is an ideal place for winter holidays. There are so many little paradises nestled on the slopes of Pindos. Steep slopes, wild vegetation, fascinating gorges, endless rivers, historic places: most beautiful Ioannnina, historic Metsovo, Zagorohoria, the ancient theatre of Dodoni, the skiing center, untamed Vikos , the adventurous Voidomatis, remote Konitsa, Mikro and Megalo Papingo. Arta A plethora of notable mountain villages along with picturesque seaside settlements in the Ambracico Gulf make up the picture of the prefecture. Arta can be your base for intriguing explorations full of pleasant surprises. Within the Ambrakico Gulf are three lagoons: Rodia, Logarou and Tsoukalas, a treasure of rare fauna: sea turtles, dolphins and many rare species of water birds rendering the area one of the most important water lands in Europe. The particularities of the lagoons are attributed to two main reasons: The river Arahthos runs into the gulf making possible for various species (sea or fresh water) to coexist in the same water land; also the hills and relatively high rocks that surround the lagoons are a friendly natural habitat to rare birds of prey. The prefecture borders to the north with Ioannina, to the east with Trikala and Karditsa, to the west with Preveza and to the south with Aitoloakarnania.
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