June 2, 2020
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Skyros - chora
Chora, the capital of Skyros is located in the northeast part of the island, 11km from Linaria, the island’s port.
It is a beautiful town, with traditional architecture, identity and feature that enchants every visitor. It is built amphitheatrically on the hill banks, with the castle monastery of Saint George on the top of it.
The region of castle is constantly inhabited from ancient times until our days. Each historic period has left its trades in order to remind travelers of old rimes.
A walk around the cobblestone pavements will fill you with pictures of traditional life. What is characteristic about the residents of Skyros is their deep faith to the folkways of their ancestors.
While touring around the town, you will be impressed by the houses, which are painted white, attached to each other in order to make a protective wall against winds and pirate invasions.
As you walk in the neighborhoods of Chora, you will see many churches in abrupt rocks, dated from Byzantine times. The deep creed of people is revealed in the 250 churches all around the island. Worth visiting are those of Archontopanagia, Panagia Eleimonitria, Panagia of Thodori, Taxiarchs, etc.
It is worth visiting the Byzantine castle on the top of the hill. It is built in the place of the ancient Acropolis. Parts of the walls are still saved (370 – 356 BC). According to tradition on the top of this hill was built the palace of king Lykomides. The entrance is decorated with a lion made of marble. Inside the castle is built the church of Panagia, the old bishopric, which is dated from the beginnings of the 9th century. In the same place was the ancient temple of Athena.
Close to the castle is the castle monastery of Saint George, built in 962 by the Emperor Nikiforos Fokas. In its interior are saved beautiful murals. This monastery is part of Megisti Lavra of Agio Oros.
Don’t miss climbing up the hill of Castro and enjoy the panoramic view.
In the north part of Chora you will see Eleftherias Square or Brook. There is the statue of the English poet Robert Brook, who was killed in 1915 in Skyros.
If you stay in Chora, visit the Archaeological museum of the island. It is roofed under a traditional building and hosts important findings from Palamari and other regions. The exhibits, dated from protoelladic period (2800 – 1900 BC) to roman times, reveal the island’s age long history.
In the northeast end of the town is situated the famous mansion of Faltaich family, which now hosts the Folkloric Museum of Manos Faltaich.Through its exhibits is revealing the rich cultural tradition of the island. The Skyrian house decorated with handmade furniture of top quality impresses every visitor. Household utensils, ceramics and local apparels, all reveal the fine taste and style people had.
In Palamari location, 12km northwest of Chora, were discovered the remains of a prehistoric settlement. In Markesi, 2km from the archaeological site were discovered carven graves.
The closest beaches to Chora are Molos and Magazia. Starting from Chora you can easily reach the most famous beaches of the island.
Chora is one of the most developed in tourism regions of Skyros. Here you will find many hotels, rooms to let, restaurants and taverns, coffeehouses, bars and shops. Don’t forget buying handmade ceramics and wood carved items.

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