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Λίμνη Πλαστήρα The famous Tavropos or Plastira lake (Limni Plastira as it is mostly known) is an ornament of Agrafa and the only treasure in Karditsa.
The famous Tavropos or Plastira lake (Limni Plastira as it is mostly known) is an ornament of Agrafa and the only treasure in Karditsa. It combines the serenity of the crystal clear waters along with an adventurous feeling to explore the mountain. The lake is situated in a heavenly location. It is surrounded by tall mountains and it is ideal for exploration and exercising.

The Plastira Lake is 25 km westwards of Karditsa, on a 1000 m height. It is an artificial lake in the plateau of Nevropolis, after the closure of Megdovas, a tributary of Aheloos river. Nikolaos Plastiras was the one to conceive the idea, but it wasn’t materialized until his death. This lake is a human intervention to the natural ecosystem with unexpected positive results.

Administratively the lake is consisted by the municipalities of Mitropoli, Plastira, Nevropoli and Itamos. The access is very easy, while you can choose amongst the two alternative paths, passing through two beautiful villages of Karditsa. The residents are very hospitable keeping the mores alive. We recommend you a visit to them. The route to the lake and the pictures you will see before your eyes will definitely impress you. Make a tour around the picturesque villages of Mesenikolas, Morfovouni, Kerasia, Krioneri, Pezoula, Fylakti, Neraida, Neohori, Belekomytis, Karitsa, Kastania, Lampero, Moshato and Kallithyra.

The History of Plastiras Lake
Everything started in the summer of 1925. It was then that Nikolaos Plastiras was having his vacations in Nevropoli. It is said that he conceived the idea of creating a tourist resort in location “alonia” Pezoulas as he was looking at the ground. This would be possible if he constructed a barrier. The closure of Megdovas tributary and the diversion of the water to the Thessalic plain, would cause production of energy.
In 1927 Nikolaos Plastiras visited the region twice again, but he was not alone. He had two scientists with him who wrote a report about the region.
A secondary report followed in 1932 about the irrigative projects. The German possession that followed brought a lot of evils in the region. But after the liberation of our country, the matter was in the front line once again. Eventually it was included in the 1951 technical program.
In 1955 the prime Minister K. Karamanlis inaugurated the project of Megdovas in Vlasdo, which was officially completed in 1959.
Today, Plastira lake is a source of life for the whole region of Karditsa, as it supplies many villages with water. The tourist utilization of the lakeside area has brought financial robustness to the prefecture.
From the late 80’s Karditsa and the surrounding villages have started attracting many tourists, while the lake is in the center of this attraction. It is estimated that more than 120.000 people visit it every year.

The lake features
Plastira lake has its own ecosystem. The depth is not the same everywhere. This has got to do with the region anaglyph before it was covered with water. The maximum depth is 60 m, the maximum width is 4 km, while the maximum length is 14 km.
The capacity reaches up to 400 million cubic meters. The water height is 780m above the sea level, making it one of the most rare alpine lakes in our country.
Many species of fish live inside the lake. You will find eels, lavrakia, grivadia, petaloudes, koregonous, aspropsara and trouts.
In the lakeside area you will see many bird species such as erodios, mavrokota, gulls, voutihtaria and cormorants.

Sport activities in Plastira Lake
The lake is the ideal place for the lovers of exercising and nature. For those wanting to enjoy the water they can try canoeing, fishing or swimming. There is also the possibility for riding or mountaineering.
For the most venturesome of you, Parapente and sailplane are the ideal way to exercise.
The lovers of climbing can choose amongst a wide variety of mountain crests. Voutsikaki, Karvasaras, Templa and Zygogiannaika are a real challenge. The ambulatory routes will offer you a unique experience.
For more information contact:
Krioneri Jockey Club: 24410 92855
Tavrotos Eco-adventurous Center: 24410 92552
Marine Activity Center: 24430 24162
“Odysseus” Rent a Car: 24410 92001
“Diadromes” Outdoor Activities: 24410 76781
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