August 7, 2020
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In antiquity it was named Peparithos. As it is mentioned it was firstly inhabited by Stafylos. In abour 1600 B.C. it was inhabited by the Minoans. Since 146 B.C. that has been conquered by the Romans, it has followed the historical evolution of the other Sporades. It was liberated from the Turkish occupation in 1830. Skopelos is famous for its crystal sea and rich vegetation. The island is extended in an area of 95 and is in a distance of 47 n.m. (3 hours) from Volos as with regards to the one of its harbours,Glossa and 58 n.m. (5 hours) regarding the other harbour that is Skopelos. Skopelos or Hora is built in a hillside in the north-eastern part of the island, with houses built in traditional architecture, two-storied or three-storied, with tileroofs. Of the medieval castle of the city they are saved but a few ruins. It was built in 340 B.C. by Philippe the second of Macedonia on the ruins of the acropole of the ancient city Peparithos. In the narrow streets of Skopelos they are to be found small, old churches approximately 120 ones in total in the city. At the top of a rock there is predominantly Panaghia Pyrgou and in front of it the chapel of Aghii Pantes. To the north of Panaghia Pyrgou they are located the small churches of St. Nicholas and Evangelismos (Annunciation), while in the region of Kastro there is the church of Aghios Athanassios the most ancient in Skopelos of the 11th century. Near the church of Gennisi of Christos (Christ birth) there are the churches of St. George and St. Demetrios. The church of Panaghia Papameletiou was built in 1662. Aghios Michael Synadon, near the beach, has a wonderful temple, five roman sarcophaguses and an inscription carved in the wall of the 2nd B.C. century. The church of Panaghia Faneromeni was established in the beginning of 1711 belonging to Aghio Oros. The church of Episkopi, in the western side of the city, of the 17th century, is grounded on a byzantine church of the 11th century. It is located in the courtyard of the Archbishop building, an imposing edifice reminding of a medieval castle, destined to be used as the official house of the Archbishop. Sighteeghing of the city is the ancient Asklipiio of the 4th B.C. century discovered in 1965 in the location Ambeliki. Here there was the sanctuary of the god and other smaller buildings. Near Asklipiio it is situated the monastery of Panaghia Livadiotissa (Virgin Mary of Meadow) set up in the 17th century. You can also visit the house of the writer Pavlos Nirvanas who passed his childhood there in the neighbourhood of Ay-Yiannis. 4 km. southeast it is to be found the women’s monastery of Evangelistria, one of the most interesting in Skopelos in an enchanting environment. It belongs to the monastery of Xiropotamos of Aghio Oros and it was renovated by S. Daponte in 1712. In the monastery they are kept sacred objects and icons of the 14th century. Nearby there is also the monastery of Metamorfossi, the most ancient of the island. The church has a wonderful temple of the 18th century constructed by Ant. Agorastos. The monastery is open only in the celebration day of Metamorfossi Sotiros on the 6th of August. In a fantastic location with view to Alonnissos it is situated the monastery of St. Barbara, built as a medieval castle. It is open on the 4th December when great popular patronal festival takes place. Westwards of the city it is the monastery of St. Riginos, dedicated to the patronal saint of the island, bishop Riginos. It is worthwhile to visit the Popular Art Museum housed in a three-storied traditional building representing an old house of Skopelos. From Skopelos the road leads to the south to the bay of Stafylos in a distance of 4-5 km. An immense, sandy beach with rich vegetation all around and clear blue sea is spread in front of you. Stafylos is of archaeological importance due to the fact that in the piece of land penetrating the sea, during excavations made in 1936, it was discovered the king’s tomb of Stafylos, first founder of the island, dated back to the 15th century. Secondary harbour of the island is Loutraki with a great deal of tourism. Here the visitor can see ruins of the ancient city Selinous, with parts of the walls of the 4th century B.C. and the temple of Athena of the classical period.
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